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elcome to Mysterious World® , your online guide to exotic travel destinations around the world! Mysterious World is a quarterly online journal dedicated to exploring ancient and exotic locales around the world, providing you with the information you need to truly appreciate what they have to offer. Mysterious World provides you with the historical, archaeological, and travel information, as well as biographical information about famous people and artifacts related to these famous locales. Whether you are planning that dream trip to Egypt, or you are looking for an interesting nearby destination for a simple day trip, or overnight excursion, Mysterious World covers it all.

Well, it's been an interesting couple of years. As long-time readers of Mysterious World know, we have not published a new issue since late 1999. I must apologize, as I, the publisher was, for two years (1999-2000) stuck working in the tech sector for a series of poorly managed companies, all of which inevitably failed, wasting much of my time in the process. Then, I spent all of 2001 building my own company, Doug Elwell, Inc., which now owns and funds this website. Now, with a reliable income behind it, Mysterious World will endure, and I give you my word that Mysterious World will continue to publish quality, well-researched articles to exotic travel destinations around the world on a quarterly basis, as had been originally intended. And to our faithful readers, you have my thanks.

In this all-new issue of Mysterious World (Spring 2002), we will visit America's lonely mountain, Mount Shasta. This peak full of secrets has a long and rich history of unusual and exotic phenomena on and around its luxuriant slopes. Both Mount Shasta and its extensive environs are chock full of activities and lore for both the fun-loving tourist and those seeking high adventure, so please sit back and enjoy our two-part look at Shasta Secrets.

Our second offering this quarter is the first in a four-part series investigating the mysterious, worldwide phenomenon of sea serpents. Are they remnants of the ancient sea-going saurians that once dominated our planet's vast oceans, or just figments of man's rich imagination? In Part I of this series we will examine the enduring legacy of these elusive creatures, focusing on the most famous cases, including Nessie, Champ, Ogopogo, and the numerous reports of other sea and lake monsters from around the world.

Rounding out this quarter's offerings is an in-depth look at the Legend of Atlantis. In this two-part series, we will recover the real story behind the legend, including historical and physical evidence, both ancient and modern, from Plato to the Bimini Road. We will also look at Atlantean research in light of Edgar Cayce's predictions, current reports of cities, roads, and pyramidal structures 2,200 feet below the waters off of Cuba, and much. much more.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions as to what sorts of information you need to make your travel plans complete, please e-mail me at

Bon Voyage,

Doug Elwell
President and Publisher
Mysterious World
April 15, 2002

Editorial | Fragments | Shasta I | Sea Serpents I | Atlantis I
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Press Releases:

The English Experience: Arthurian Legends Tour

ancy a week of total immersion in the Legends of King Arthur and his court? With The English Experience, a tour company based in the historic South West of England, you visit major historic sites, learn of ancient crafts and live life as it was in ancient times in the all-inclusive, non-stop action-packed week of Arthurian merriment!

From the moment you step on the coach, mead in hand, to the Farewell Arthurian Banquet, you're transported back to the time of Legends. Stonehenge, Tintagel, Winchester, the Isle of Avalon - see them all and more!

Your experience kicks off with a visit to the awe-inspiring Stonehenge, a site used by the druids from the dawn of time. Then the tour moves on to the mysterious cliff top ruin of Tintagel, birthplace of King Arthur, and then Dosemary Pool, where you just might glimpse the Lady of the Lake, waiting for Arthur to reclaim the mighty Excalibur.

At Winchester, capital of Wessex and the centre of English history for centuries, the highlight of this day will be seeing the world famous Round Table in the Great Hall, but you will also be able to take in a tour of the magnificent Cathedral, cradle of Christianity for 900 years.

Immerse yourself in the mysticism of the Isle of Avalon. As well as learning of the lore of crystals and divination, you will tour Glastonbury Abbey and the holy thorn, with its legends of Joseph of Arimathea. Climb up the Tor, along the ancient labyrinth reputed to be the entrance to the Underworld, and thought to be the site of King Arthur's death. Will YOU be able to draw the sword from the stone?

"It will be the best week you ever have!!" said Lucy Bennett, Tour Company Director. "Let our full-time Merlin guide you through King Arthur's days. Character guides bring our locations to life, whilst evenings are jam-packed with movies, talks and demonstrations: learn about cooking authentic fayre, get involved with the use and abuse of some armoury and let our alchemist mix you up a love potion!

"And let's not forget the feasting and the mead! We encourage all of our guests to dress up at our banquets, but feel free to arrive at the airport in full attire - we will be!"

Guests stay in a luxury country manor house, deep in the heart of Wessex. All accommodation, food, excursions, guides, airport transfers and banquets are included in the price. All you have to do is lay back and think of England!

And, as a special offer to our readers, if you book before May 31st 2002 you can get 10% off the week's price of the Arthurian Legends Tour on July 6th-13th 2002. (Reference: MW02)

Go to and let your journey begin!

For further information:
Lucy Bennett
The English Experience
4, Nether Cerne
Tel: 0044 (0) 1300 341929
Fax: 0044 (0) 1300 341275

Editorial | Fragments | Shasta I | Sea Serpents I | Atlantis I
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